What to wear this holiday season

As you all may be aware, the holidays are upon us. Now while this usually means a little bit of chaos and stress, it also means fun, family, cocktails and parties. With lots of holiday parties on the horizon we MUST talk about outfits. Am I right?

Holiday parties are the time to really go all out. Go for the red, go for the plaid, wear those sparkles, DO IT BIG. My current crushes for holiday parties include the following:

  1. A big sweater tucked into a skirt. There’s something so cozy about this look. Show a little leg to up the “sexy” factor and you’re all set. burgundy-leaher-skirt-and-cable-knit-sweater
  2. Velvet pants. Truth be told, I have not fully adopted the velvet trend. Something about the way it looks in some of the shirts just doesn’t do it for me. But low and behold, velvet pants have me hooked. Go and get you some. Pair with a classic white or gray sweater and you’ve got a full look.  Velvet jeans Midrise skinny jean in velvet
  3. turtlenecks. I mean, when did turtlenecks ever go out of style? The answer is never. Opt for a large cozy turtleneck or a tight classic. Stick with neutral colors and play up the outfit with your hair up and big earrings.  Loft sweater Color Swatch 8860Lou & Grey Snowbird Sweater

Now go out there in your holiday best and get stuck under the mistletoe!

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